Customized Solutions

The company possesses an experience in development and manufacturing of a wide range of customized non-standard equipment used for highly specialized works in metallurgy, in cases when standard equipment does not exist or the existing one is not applicable for ensuring the necessary level of effectiveness, durability and operational benefit.

Types of Equipment

  • Rolling tray for casting machines for production of rolling ingots (Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter, Casthouse No.2)
  • Laboratory Casting Plant based on semicontinuous casting unit for manufacturing of rolling ingots and extrusion billets (Siberian Federal University)

Our Projects:

The launder with sliding mold tray and filtering box

Laboratory Casting Plant

Voltage converters for mixer heating control

Launder convection heating unit

Two units of filtration of aluminium melt UFP 12

Welding transformer for the anode busbar

Electromagnetic stirrer of aluminium melt LIM 500

Power supply sources for electromagnetic stirrers


Electrically Heated Tray

15 inch aluminium melt filtration unit

Filtering box and launder heating system

Alloying bar feed unit

Two units of filtration of aluminum melt UFP 12M

Chemical cleaning (oil cooler)

Casting machine lubrication heating project

Two units of filtration of aluminium melt

Open melt overflows