Two units of filtration of aluminium melt

The unit with a double filtration chamber (filtering box) with the size of 12 inches with combined heating


Filtration of aluminium melt from non-metallic inclusions through the ceramic foam insert in the line of aluminium wire production


Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant LLC, Krasnoyarsk, melting and casting unit No. 2

Project Year:


Problems prior to implementation:

  • Lack of filtration chamber
  • Application of asbothermosilicate plates for lining 
  • Open melt overflows

Key Features:

Power of the radiation heaters is 10 kW (900°C)

Power of the convection heater is 16 kW (550°C)

Pneumatic lifting drive

SIEMENS automatic equipment

Warming-up of chambers alternately by moving cover


  • Warming-up of the filtration chamber cartridge up to 600 °C with radiation and warming-up of the ceramic foam insert prior to casting
  • Reduction of non-metallic inclusions
  • Change over to SiO2 based concrete
  • Improvement of production process automation

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