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Chemical cleaning of the oil cooler at the CHPP grade MB-63-90

Cleaning of deposits is carried out without mechanical impact and without removal of the heat exchanger from the equipment. It is possible to perform the cleaning of the most inaccessible places. A preliminary analysis of the deposits allows to choose the optimal chemical composition of the cleaner and the operating parameters of the flushing equipment to remove deposits completely The cleaner is absolutely inert to the material of heat exchanger pipes, which guarantees their integrity after the completion of washing.


Cleaning of the tube space of the oil cooler, grade MB-63-90


Combined Heat and Power Plant, RUSAL Achinsk JSC, oil cooler No.2 (grade MB-63-90) power plant turbine unit No.5

Project Year:


Issues prior to implementation:

  • The tube space is filled with organic deposits and oil sludge 
  • The efficiency of the oil cooler is extremely low

Key features:

  • Washing in-place
  • Washing time is 7 hours
  • The temperature of the solution is 55-60 С
  • pH 11,5-12,0
  • Pressure is 2,5-3 kgf/cm²


. The efficiency of the oil cooler is restored маслоохлодителя

. Deposits are washed out

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