Laboratory Casting Plant
Welding transformer for the anode busbar

Unit on the basis of two covers with convection heat guns for warming-up of refractories prior to casting

The unit was developed with consideration of peculiarities of the Wagstaff casting machine. It is based on 2 power-driven covers with convection heaters blowing of which is performed with the designated system developed by our company and based on the operation of the air blowing/vacuuming tool with cyclone dust cleaning. Application of the unit, along with convenient operation and even heating, allowed to avoid entering of floating crystals into products.


Warming-up of the mold tray with hot air prior to casting on the large-sized flat-shaped ingots casting lines


RUSAL Krasnoyarsk JSC, Casthouse No. 3, Casting Unit No. 5

Project year:


Problems prior to implementation:

  • Application of unreliable portable infra-red heaters
  • Human factor during the use of heaters

Key features:

  • Two covers with convection heaters — 16 kW each (550°C)
  • Two-level air cleaning system
  • Vacuum air blowing/vacuuming tool for compressed air blasting
  • Stationary design with the mechanism of manual lifting
  • SIEMENS and ОВЕН automatic equipment


  • Warming-up of the launder cartridge up to 450-500°C
  • Mechanical protection of the heater
  • Better conditions of the start-up in the winter time
  • Easy and convenient maintenance

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