Launder convection heating unit
Electrically Heated Tray

Portable welding transformer VDU-2500 (prototype)

The given machine was developed specifically for reduction areas. It does not have electrical equipment sensitive to strong magnetic fields and allows operation under conditions of high dust content and within the temperature range from -30 to +60°C. Welding current is higher by 30% compared with the analogues used.


Cutting and welding of the anode busbar of electrolytic cells under conditions of the existing reduction area


RUS-Engineering LLC for RUSAL Krasnoyarsk JSC, CDC

Project year:


Problems prior to implementation:

  • Lack of alternative solutions on the Russian market
  • Modern welding transformers do not operate under conditions of strong magnetic fields

Key features:

  • No-load voltage is 90±5 V
  • Operating voltage during welding is 50–70 V
  • Operating welding current is 2500 A
  • Forced air cooling
  • Platform of the single-axle trailer


  • Stable operation under conditions of strong magnetic fields
  • Stable arch during welding
  • Good showings during busbar cutting

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