Welding and Cutting of Electrolytic Cell Anode Busbar

We produce portable welding transformers of VDU-2500 type (VDU – all-purpose arc rectifier) for work under the conditions of electrolytic production.

Benefits from the Use

  1. Increased anode busbar cutting efficiency
  2. Stable operation in cutting and welding modes
  3. Providing CDF = 100% in basic modes
  4. Easy maintenance and operation

Advantages of our Products

    • Increased rated operational current of up to 2500 A
    • Forced air-cooling
    • operation in high magnetic fields of up to 150 Gauss
    • Time-proven transformer core design
    • Rectifier on an up-to-date element base
    • Operation at THU nonlinearity rate of up to 40%
    • Portable use in the conditions of electrolytic production

Mechanical configuration

Mounted on a trailer No.9478

Rittal enclosure

German EbmPapst cooling fans

Russia produced semiconductor devices

Display and control devices located on the front panel of the enclosure

Temperature monitoring system of transformer windings and H-type transformer winding insulation rectifier radiator