Furnaces Heating Control

Three-phase thyristor voltage rectifier, grade PNTT-630 to control heating of coves in resistance holding furnaces and other electric thermal equipment produced by our company.

Benefits from the Use

  1. stable operation at increased rates of THU network non-linearity up to 40%
  2. use of tubular electric heaters
  3. reduction of equipment downtime during maintenance
  4. a possibility of remote control via Modbus RTU Protocol
  5. unification when replacing obsolete models PNTT (thyristor voltage rectifier) and PNTTE (thyristor voltage rectifier with natural cooling)


    • forced air-cooling of power assemblies
    • quick replacement of thyristor modules (up to 12 minutes)
    • operation at the ambient temperatures up to +60°C
    • easy access to major units and components
    • control system with adjustable user settings
    • functions of self-testing and monitoring of operation load (short circuits, open circuits, excess of operating current, etc.)
    • work with diagrams of power supply: “star without N”, “star with N”, triangle, 1, 2 or 3 phase loads

Mechanical configuration

Location in Rittal cabinet (IP54)

Russia produced semiconductor devices and fuses

Block control system BUT-3/U1 (IP66)

Cooling system maintenance from the rear part

An additional ventilation system for the cabinet

Touch protection of current-carrying parts